Speaking Opportunities

Engaging, fun, and fast-paced, Helene and Laurent’s keynote speeches are often described as a highlight which sets the foundation of discussions throughout the event. They customize their talks to the audience’s specific interests making sure that attendees leave with actionable insights.

How to accelerate your transformation by leveraging consulting services

Consulting can be a powerful tool for companies that want to accelerate their transformation. How does consulting work? What value does consulting bring to the table? How to decide what are the right projects to work on? How to choose the right consultants?

Now is the time to optimize your consulting spend. Spend less, spend smarter.

Many companies don’t monitor their consulting spend. As a result, their expenses are ballooning and the value for money is not always there. How to make sure you spend your money on the right projects? How to organize to put your consulting spend under control? How to measure the performance of your providers? How to refine your consulting provider panel?

Buying Consulting: When mastering procurement techniques is not enough.

Consulting is an intangible service. Applying procurement techniques is not enough to put this category under control, and generate the value that your top management is expecting. How to organize to manage the consulting category? How to put the consulting category under control? How to adapt your procurement processes to the consulting category? 

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