Transform a cost center into a value-creation center

Consulting Procurement as a Service 

Transform your procurement. Create more value.

When you try to navigate the crisis with increased pressure on your budget, the right solution is not always to freeze your consulting spend. Buying better while allocating your resources on the most strategic projects can allow you to work with the right consulting firms at the right price and maximize the impact of your consulting projects.

Smart Consulting Sourcing
Smart Consulting Sourcing


Invest on the right project

Demand Management will help you balance and strategically align demand with your consulting budget.

Smart Consulting Sourcing


Select the right consultants

To optimize your consulting sourcing, implement flexible consulting sourcing processes to always work with the best consultants for your projects.

Smart Consulting Sourcing


Pay the right price

Make sure your investment in consulting delivers the value you expect.

Smart Consulting Sourcing


Professionalize your consulting sourcing

Build a best-in-class consulting sourcing capability by implementing best practices and training your teams.

One Size Fits One 

Create a Solution That Works For YOU

There is no one-fits-all organization or processes that will magically get you the best consulting value. The best solution is the one that fits your organization, your strategy and your culture. We work with you to design the right options to get you the benefits of smart consulting sourcing at the right pace.

  • Orientations

Define strategic priorities and objectives

  • Support

Support for strategic projects and implementation of demand management

  • Professionalization

Training, sourcing process evaluation & implementation of specific tools

Meet Hélène

Hélène Laffitte is the CEO and founder of Consulting Quest, a consulting platform that helps client organizations to better use buy and manage consulting services. She is a globally recognized consulting expert for the consulting category. She is the author of Smart Consulting Sourcing, a step-by-step guide to getting the best ROI from your Consulting.


Client Satisfaction

We consistently help our clients to get the best return on investment on their projects and they are always coming back.

Consulting Sourcing Managed

Over the years, we have managed tens of projects in all capabilities and industries, globally.


Average Savings

On average our clients get sizeable savings by implementing the right best practices when sourcing consultants while maintaining (and sometimes increasing) the quality of the work delivered. 

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Smart Consulting Sourcing

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Smart Consulting Sourcing
Smart Consulting Sourcing

"It made me realise that we are operating around the lower end of the maturity grid, and provided useful models to showcase to stakeholders. Particularly for me around the value proposition of change which is often difficult to get both numbers and illustrations behind."

Oliver C., large Financial Services company


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